Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the goal of the retrospective sponsorship? To make the first Zuzalu a reality, many people from the core team and beyond have put in lots of hours of (voluntary) work. The retrospective sponsorship will reward this work and pay for expenses connected to the work described in the hypercerts. Simultaneously, we want to say thanks to everyone who contributed financially and non-financially by making contributions transparent on the Impact Sponsorship Billboard.
  2. What happens with the funds that the hypercerts receive? How are the funds distributed among the contributors to the hypercert? The funds are distributed among the contributors to the work described in the hypercert. We believe that they know best how to further distribute the funds to reward the work they put in and potentially forward additional funds to the Zuzalu Future Fund.
  3. Why is there a minimum percentage of 0.1% per hypercert that needs to be purchased? You can contribute any amount to the hypercerts, but you will receive a hypercerts fraction, approximately proportionally to your contribution, only if you contribute more than this minimum.
  4. What is the Impact Sponsorship Billboard? The Impact Sponsorship Billboard shows the financial and non-financial contributions to Zuzalu. It isn't a perfect representation as this is a pilot implementation. The goal is to create a visible "thank you sign" for all contributors and sponsors. Any contributor or sponsor who receives a hypercert will be guaranteed a space on the billboard. You'll be given a chance to upload an image or PFP for display on the Impact Sponsorship Billboard. Please don't submit any NSFW images!
  5. How do I change the image that is associated with a fraction of a hypercert that I own? (coming soon) Upload your image on a storage provider like and copy the link to it. Go to the Impact Sponsorship Billboard and paste your link in the input box below the billboard. After you submit it, the link will be stored with your wallet address, such that the billboard can access the image. Make sure that the image is publicly available.
  6. Who decided which hypercerts were included in the retrospective sponsorship? The core organizers structured the selection of the hypercerts. This ensures a consistent set that the community can choose to contribute to. In the future, we plan on having open submissions from the community.
  7. What is the Zuzalu Future Fund? How will these funds be used? The Zuzalu Future Fund will be controlled by the core organizers and will be used for future expenses regarding the planning of future events as well as ongoing costs, like operating the website. Funding the Zuzalu Future Fund does not create any claims on future events or other activities. However, funding will be converted to hypercerts in the future.
  8. Why do I need to email you if I purchase hypercerts with an Ethereum multi-sig? The hypercerts are on Optimism, such that an Ethereum multi-sig can not receive them. Hence, we will need your normal Ethereum wallet address or an Optimism multi-sig.
  9. Where do I learn more about hypercerts? You can find more information on the main hypercerts website and in the documentation.
  10. Who do I contact if I have additional questions? Please reach out to Holke and the hypercerts team (support [at] or Janine (telegram: @JanineLeger) from the core organizers of Zuzalu. If you have feedback regarding hypercerts and their uses, please send it to the hypercerts team.
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