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Hypercerts are a new token standard for tracking and rewarding positive impact.

Gm gm. We’re wishing you an impactful 2024. We’re excited for the things ahead!

2023 has been a year of maturing the foundations laid by the release of the protocol. Together with Grants Stack, Funding the Commons, da0, Zuzalu and many other partners, we’ve successfully run a set of hypercerts pilots. We are grateful for our partners and the enthusiasm of their communities about hypercerts. At every event, we feel the positive energy about hypercerts and about the value mechanism they can unlock.

At the end of the year, we started developing the hypercert marketplace, which will be released on Sepolia later this week. The marketplace is a fork of LooksRare with modifications to add native support for hypercerts. Thanks to their high quality open source code we were able to use both their exchange contracts as well as the SDK. Special credits go to Trust Security for not only thoroughly reviewing the changes we’ve made to the stack, but also for going beyond their scope to help us improve our protocol.

To help developers get onboarded with our tec,h we’ve released a Next.JS starter app, a repo with minimal demo apps for JS, TS on both server and client side, and of course, the hypercerts SDK v1. The SDK provides methods and utilities for minting and claiming hypercerts, validating datasets, and uploading to and fetching from IPFS.

All of this work is supported by GG19, the first Octant epoch, Optimism’s retroPGF and of course Protocol Labs. A big thank you to all supporters.

In the next months, we’ll work with close collaborators to build out the evaluation functionalities and provide support to projects that want to integrate hypercerts into their funding systems (similar to how we are integrating hypercerts with Gitcoin) or want to build new applications using hypercerts. If you want to build on top of the hypercerts protocol, please get in contact with us.

Excited and grateful,

The hypercerts team